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General Discussion / Colorado Lakes
« Last post by Webmaster on February 29, 2020, 12:04:35 PM »
Ran across the following information compiled by Carl Forsberg and thought it would be a good idea to document it here.

The 44 lakes listed below were chosen as significant for their size from a list of 154 lakes provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. There are about 640 acres per square mile.

I had it in mind for various squadron members to visit these lakes and report back  their findings in features such as launch ramps, fees, camping, food and supplies, lodging, parking, control agency, lake depths, maps and charts available, ease of access, suitability for general boating, etc.

The squadron might then compile this data with photos and maps into a booklet for distribution to the public. I have not found a document such as this in my search.

Colorado Significant Boating Lakes -  3 March, 2015

              Lake                                Size (acres)         Nearest Town Relative Location

Adobe Creek Reservoir                 5,147                   Las Animas 18 miles south

Antero Reservoir                           5,000                   Hartsel 5 miles north

Barr Lake                                       1,918                   Brighton 2 miles west

Blue Mesa Reservoir                      9,000                   Gunnison 3 miles east

Boyd Lake                                      1,750                   Loveland 2 miles west

Carter Lake                                     1,140                   Berthoud 3 miles east

Chatfield State Park                        1,550                   Littleton 2 miles north east

Cherry Creek State Park                    880                   Arura 3 miles east

Dillon Reservoir                             3,200                   Frisco 1 mile west

Eleven Mile State Park                   3,405                   Lake George  8 miles east                           

Grand Lake                                        500                   Grand Lake 0 miles north

Green Mountain Reservoir             2,125                   Kremmling 12 miles north

Henry Reservoir                             1,100                   Ordway 4 miles south west

Horse Creek Reservoir                   2,603                   Las Animas 10 miles south east                             

Horse Tooth Reservoir                  2,000                   Fort Collins 2 miles east

Jackson Lake State Park               2,600                   Fort Morgan 14 miles south east

John Martin Reservoir                 22,325                   Las Animas 4 miles west

Lake Granby                                  7,256                   Granby 6 miles south

Lake Henry                                    1,350                   Ordway 4 miles south west

Lake pueblo State Park                 4,646                   Pueblo 4 miles east                           

McPhee Reservoir                         4,470                   Canít locate. Walsenburg area

Meredith Reservoir                       3,700                   Ordway 3 miles west

Navajo State Park                        15,600                  Pagosa Springs 35 miles north east

North Sterling State Park              2,880                   Sterling 25 miles south

Prewitt Reservoir                              900                  Brush 20 miles south west

Nee Gronda State Wildlife Area    2,600                   Lamar 20 miles south

Nee Noche State Wildlife Area     3,696                   Lamar 20 miles south

Queens State Wildlife Area           1,900                   Lamar 20 miles south

Ridgeway State Park                     1,000                   Montrose 20 miles north           

Ruedi Reservoir                             1,000                   Basalt 18 miles west

San Luis State Park                           890                   Alamosa 20 miles south

Sanchez Reservoir                          2,000                   San Luis (town) 7 miles north

Shadow Mountain Reservoir         1,350                   Grand Lake 1 mile North east

Spiney Mountain State Park           2,520                   Hartsel 8 miles west

Stagecoach State                                780                   Oak Creek 6 miles west

Steamboat Lake State Park             1,053                   Steamboat Springs 28 miles south

Taylor Park Reservoir                     2,000                   Gunnison 40 miles south west

Trinidad Lake State Park                   900                   Trinidad 3 miles north east

Turquise Lake                                 1,500                   Leadville 3 miles east

Twin Lakes                                     3,000                   Leadville 17 miles north

Union Reservoir                                743                   Longmont 2 miles west

Vellecito Reservoir                        2,700                   Durango 20 miles southwest                   

Vega State Park                                900                   Grand Junction 50 miles west

Williams Fork Reservoir               1,810                   Granby 25 miles east

Cruising Presentations and Checklists / BVSPSChesapeakeRendezvous2014
« Last post by RonS on January 20, 2020, 05:31:38 PM »
4 BVSPS boats cruise the Chesapeake and rendezvous with USPS District 5 in St. Michaels, MD.
For Sale or Wanted / West Marine 8' Inflatable Dinghy for Sale
« Last post by hammond on August 12, 2019, 11:55:06 AM »
This dinghy is brand new and comes with a carrying
case.  The weight in case is 53 lbs.

It has never been launched, but has been inflated
to test.

See the attachment for a picture and full specs.


Contact Carl Forsberg, 303-494-1215 cell 303-941-4919
For Sale or Wanted / Cape Dory 10 Sailing Dinghy on Trailer for Sale
« Last post by hammond on August 12, 2019, 11:49:44 AM »
This is a classic sailing dinghy with much teak and brass.

It is in pristine condition.

The trailer and tires are like new.

The trailer weight with boat is approximately 500 lbs.

See the attachment to this post for full details.

Contact Carl Forsberg, 303-494-1215 cell 303-941-4919
Cruising Presentations and Checklists / BVSPS Windwards Cruise 2018
« Last post by hammond on April 13, 2018, 04:01:16 PM »
BVSPS Windwards Cruise 2018

The Ballad of the Island of Mustique

Detailed Provisioning Checklist -- Will be uploaded at a later date

Crew Job Descriptions -- Will be uploaded at a later date

Itinerary with Crew Job Assignments -- Will be uploaded at a later date
This excellent presentation was given at the 27 April 2017 Membership Meeting.
The attachment is a slide show of a cruise through the 1000 Islands of the St. Lawrence River and the Rideau Canal in eastern Ontario, Canada, aboard a trailerable, auxiliary sailboat. We left the mast at home because of the 22' height limit for the Rideau.
Final version of travel log.

John Harris will present at the October 27, 2016 BVSPS Membership Meeting "Highs and Lows of a Caribbean Cruise."
This is a series of emailed reports from member John Harris.
Cruising Presentations and Checklists / Re: BVI Rendezvous - Winter 2016
« Last post by Brian on May 13, 2016, 07:29:26 PM »
Attached is the trip presentation
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